Macomb County Jail 

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Welcome to the Macomb County Jail 

The Macomb Correctional Facility sits on a 100-acre site, made up of eleven major buildings and two minor buildings that cover approximately 300,000 square feet.  Within the prison, there is one Level I housing unit, four Level II housing units, and two Level IV housing units. Only the Level I housing unit is outside of the secure perimeter. There are four other buildings on site, including administrative offices, a school, storage, and room for support services. 


We offer various programs for inmates to engage in. Our facility works with a number of community outreach groups which allows us to encourage community volunteer participation. We also provide educational programming for inmates. This includes programs for General Education Development (GED) preparation, Adult Basic Education, Special Education, and vocational classes.  

On site, we offer routine health and dental care for inmates. If there is a major medical emergency, treatment takes place either at a community hospital or at Duane L. Waters Health Center in Jackson. For inmates in need of mental health treatment in a residential setting, we have a Residential Treatment Program.  


There are multiple levels of security protecting the perimeter of the jail. First, it is surrounded by two separate 12-foot chain link fences of galvanized steel, which have coils of stainless-steel razor wire on top. This separates the perimeter road from the grounds of the jail. For public safety purposes, we have lined the perimeter with a camera system and electronic detection, as well as  signage reading “Do Not Enter” and “Prison Property” in clear writing. 

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Located in: Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

Address: 43565 Elizabeth Rd, Mt Clemens, MI 48043

Phone: (586) 469-5151


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