42nd District Court Division I

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Welcome to the 42-1 District Court – Romeo 

The 42-1 District Court, Division 1, also known as the Romeo Division, serves several communities in north Macomb County, including Armada, Armada Township, Bruce Township, Memphis, Ray Township, Richmond, Richmond Township, Romeo, and Washington Township. Covering 180 square miles, it is the largest district court in Macomb County. 

Our Services 

The 42-1 District Court handles the following matters: 

  • Civil Cases: Managing civil litigation where the amount in dispute is $25,000 or less, including small claims and landlord-tenant disputes. 
  • Criminal Cases: Handling criminal misdemeanors and initial jurisdiction for felony cases to determine probable cause. 
  • Traffic and Parking Violations: Overseeing all traffic and parking violations. 

Filing a Civil Lawsuit 

To file a civil lawsuit at the 42-1 District Court – Romeo: 

  • The cause of action must have occurred in or the defendant must live within the court’s jurisdiction. 
  • The claim may not exceed $25,000. 
  • File a summons and complaint with the court. 
  • Submit any evidence at the time of filing. 
  • Serve the summons and complaint upon the defendant. 

Filing Fees 

  • $35 filing fee for claims up to $600 
  • $55 filing fee for claims $601 – $1,750 
  • $75 filing fee for claims $1,751 – $10,000 
  • $160 filing fee for claims $10,001 – $25,000 

Our Commitment 

The 42-1 District Court is dedicated to: 

  • Community Service: Providing accessible and responsive services. 
  • Justice: Ensuring every case is conducted without bias. 
  • Efficiency: Resolving cases in a timely fashion through efficient procedures. 
  • Transparency: Offering clear information about court procedures and decisions. 


The 42-1 District Court is served by two dedicated judges committed to upholding justice and ensuring fair treatment for all. 

Contact Information 

14713 33 Mile Road, Romeo, MI 48065

Phone Number: (586) 752-9679

Court Hours: 8:00 am- 4:00 pm

Website: https://www.macombgov.org/departments/42-1-district-court-romeo

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