39th District Court (B): Fraser

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Welcome to the 39-B District Court 

The 39th District Court proudly serves the communities of Fraser and Roseville, ensuring justice with fairness, integrity, and efficiency. Our mission is to uphold the law while providing exemplary service to all who come before us. 

Our Services 

  • Criminal Cases: Handling misdemeanors, traffic violations, and preliminary examinations for felony cases. 
  • Civil Cases: Addressing small claims, landlord-tenant disputes, and general civil matters. 
  • Probation Services: Offering comprehensive probation services to assist individuals in meeting court requirements and successfully reintegrating into the community. 
  • Specialty Courts: Providing focused programs such as drug courts and mental health courts designed to address specific issues and offer tailored support. 

Our Commitment 

The 39th District Court is sworn to: 

  • Justice: Uphold the rights of all parties involved in a case by weighing all testimony and evidence fairly and without bias. 
  • Community Service: Support the Fraser and Roseville communities with responsive services that are accessible to those in need. 
  • Efficiency: Provide prompt resolutions to cases through efficient court proceedings. 
  • Transparency: Respect the right of the public to fully understand court procedures and decisions by information easily accessible and clear to comprehend. 


The 39-B District Court is served by three dedicated judges who are committed to upholding justice and ensuring fair treatment for all. 

Contact Information 

33000 Garfield, P.O. Box 10, Fraser, MI 48026

Phone: 586-293-3137

Fax: 586-296-8499Court Hours: 8:00 am- 4:30 pm

Website: https://www.micityoffraser.com/594/39th-District-Court

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