37th District Court (A) Warren

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Welcome to the 37th District Court 

The 37th District Court serves the communities of Warren and Center Line with a commitment to justice, fairness, and integrity. Our court is dedicated to providing outstanding judicial services, as well as applying the law while protecting the rights and dignity of every person who comes to us. 

Our Services 

  • Civil Cases: Handling a variety of civil matters including small claims, landlord-tenant disputes, and general civil disputes. 
  • Traffic Cases: Managing civil infraction traffic violations and ensuring road safety through fair adjudication. 
  • Probation Services: Offering comprehensive probation services to support individuals in meeting court requirements and successfully reintegrating into the community. 
  • Drug Court: Providing specialized programs for individuals with substance abuse issues to promote rehabilitation and reduce recidivism. 

Our Commitment 

The 37th District Court is dedicated to: 

  • Rights Protection: Upholding every person’s right to a trial by judge or by a jury of six citizens, except in matters of civil infraction traffic violations or cases concerning small claims.  
  • Transparency: Recording and maintaining records of all legal testimony to ensure transparency, accuracy, and accountability in our court proceedings. 
  • Efficiency: Consistently improving court procedures in order to resolve cases promptly with the least wait time possible. 
  • Accessibility: Ensuring that our services available to all community members on an equal basis, including those with language barriers or disabilities. 

Appeals and Financial Distribution 

  • Appeals: Any and all appeals from the 37th District Court are sent to the Macomb County Circuit Court, which provides a higher level of oversight review. 
  • Financial Distribution: According to a statutorily established formula, all fees and fines collected by the 37th District Court are distributed between the State of Michigan, Macomb County, or the Cities of Warren or Center Line. 


The 37th District Court is served by four dedicated judges who are committed to upholding justice and ensuring fair treatment for all. 

Contact Information 

300 Common Road, Warren, MI 48093

Phone: 586-574-4900

Fax: 586-574-4932

Court Hours: M-F 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Website: https://37thdistrictcourt.org/

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