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Frequently Asked Question?

Frequently Asked Bail Bonds Questions

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What is a bail bond?

A surety bond, which is commonly known as a bail bond, is a contract. This contract is between a licensed agent and the signer or cosigners. It guarantees that the defendant will appear for the scheduled court appearance. If they fail to appear or "skip bail" the signers of the contract agree to pay the court the full amount of the bond. The bond is held until the charges against the defendant are brought to a conclusion with a dismissal or a conviction.

What does a bond cost?

The legal rate is 10% for standard underwriting.

Is it possible to get a discount?

Certain situations may qualify for discounts. Contact us and we can discuss your specific situation.

Is the bond refundable?

No. A bond is never refundable. Even if the charges are dropped as early as the next day after the bond is issued the money is not refundable. The bail bond agency has no control over the case or the bond once it has been posted.

Are bail bonds agencies allowed to use your collateral?

No, they are not. The collateral has to be kept in safekeeping by an insurance company.

How long is the bond good for before it expires?

A bond is good for one year. If the case goes longer than one year, the premium has to be paid again to keep the bond in force.